Ionic2: Toast is not included in 'ionic-angular' anymore?

Hi all
I’m working on the latest Ionic 2 version (Currently 2.0.0-beta.31) and from some reason, I can not import Toast to my project:

import {NavController, Toast} from ‘ionic-angular’;

Toast here is undefined (Error: … no exported member ‘Toast’) on import, even before I have used it in my code, is it no longer supported?

Here is what happen when I’m trying to use it anyway (as expected, since its not imported):

const toast = Toast.create({
      message: 'This is your Toast message...',
      showCloseButton: true,
      closeButtonText: 'Ok'

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘create’ of undefined
at MiscellaneousPage.showToast

as you can see here, my text editor show this error once I have added it:

Thank you.

It’s still there. I would recommend reading the changelogs and upgrade guides and see if you missed something during an upgrade process that left your setup broken somehow.

weired, since everything else is working great, Ill check it and update (Ill install ion2 from scratch and import it).
Thanks anyway.

you right, I had Typescript errors, That’s why it did not build me project, Thanks for the tip.

If it’s not on by default, I strongly recommend enabling noEmitOnError (and noImplicitAny) to your tsconfig.json. Lots of things that used to be frustrating runtime problems instantly become caught at build-time.

I just buid a new ion2 project and moved all files to the new project, And there, It is by default :), Now I have to fix all my errors, but I think its great (Thats the way it should be) :wink:
Thanks again!