NativePageTransitions problem

Hello !

I have a problem with NativePageTransitions. I just add this plugin in my project. But when i import NativePageTransitions and TransitionOptions from ‘ionic-native’ modules, it said the module ‘ionic-native’ has no exported member name NativePageTransitions and TransitionOptions . The same problem with LoadingController in ‘ionic-angular’.

Anybody can help me :frowning:


  1. Is it a new project?
  2. Did you installed the ionic-native package?
  3. Did you installed the NativePageTransitions Plugin?
  4. Did you installed any typings for ionic-native?
  5. Are all of the above true with the latest version of each one or which versions are you using?
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  1. Yes, it’s my new project.
  2. I use Ionic 2 and Ionic Native is included by default with every Ionic 2 app.
  3. I just install this plugin via CLI
  4. No i didn’t
  5. Ionic 2.0.0-beta25 ----- cordova 6.3.1 ------ com.telerik.plugins.nativepagetransitions 0.6.5 “Native Page Transitions”

Thanks you for your question !

@lelong310590 Can’t really help with the NativeTransitions as i havent used it, but for LoadingController did you add it to your constructor? If not, that is probably the same issue with NativePageTransitions

constructor(private loadingController: LoadingController)

Ok the ionic you told in point 5 is the ionic-cli, which current version is beta.37 so it’s not so new your app.

The ionic-framework is the one i was looking for, can you tell which version of ionic-framework do you have?

Thanks you for your answer !

It’s just display error when i import the LoadingController, ToastController, … form ‘ionic-angular’ module.

Ionic App Lib Version: 2.0.0-beta.15
Ionic Framework Version: 2.0.0-beta.9

Ok try updating both the cli and the framework itself, cli is at beta.37 and framework at beta.11, after updating cli create a new test app to compare the package.json, config.xml and any other config file you think may have changed from version to version, like the browserify files (idk since i’m using Webpack).

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Thanks you so much, i just update the ionic framework. And everything are ok now :smiley:

Got success in native page transition ?? If yes, can you please share your code here (typescript).
Documentation is not enough for me (beginner). I need to know how to use


Please share your code

I am getting an error while navigating away from the page. Any luck yet with this?