The Sidebar/Nav Drawer is the main thing which puts me off Ionic


Don’t get me wrong, Ionic is damn cool. However I can’t help but feel that when I build an application and test it out on my devices, as soon as I open up the side menu it’s just a massive turn off for me.

Native apps on both Android and iOS mainly run down the ‘drawer’ animation, where the menu gracefully slides over the content. I just feel that having the menu push out and shunt the content over feels extremely similar to admin style dashboard websites, and thus suddenly makes you realise the app isn’t native.

Is it possible to create such an effect? I just feel it’s the main thorn in the side currently which keeps Ionic from a native feel.


@Alias I’d say stick with it. I’ve spoken to the heroes at Drrfty and they have this on their radar.

Have a look here to see how I was able to hack a drawer for the time being.