Question about ion-side-menu ion-pane animation behavior on drag

Hello everyone,

I am curious why in the ionic implementation of slide menu content is a moving thing and slide menu is actually fixed and hidden under the content.
It feels like ground leaves under your feet for some users.
Most of applications behave in the opposite way - content is attached, and slide menu hovers it on the drag.
Is there a way to easily change that?
Is it intentional decision in ionic design?


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Hey there!

Yes this was an intentional design, all be it a very iOS inspired design.
For iOS apps, the menu is static (for the most part, though there are some variations).
But on Android however, this is the exact opposite (how else are you going to tell them apart :smile: )

Anyways, after 1.0 is out, we will probably work to make the menu much more customizable so that you can change the reveal type

There is any way to make the menu more (android thing) with the last version of IONIC?.


We do have a separate drawer component,

Its meant to replace the ion-side-menu for a more android styled menu

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Thanks for your reply… I use this implementation of ion-drawer, and is very very sensitive to drag so, when I scroll down or up the menu, the menu is dragin to the left or right depends of the move of my finger. So, I think this implementation need a lot of work.