Ionic Ions: Ready for use?

Hello, wondering if the newly added ionic ions are ready for use in production? I’m particularly interested in how the ionic-ion-drawer for android would be wired up in an app. Has anyone used it? Anyone care to share a CodePen or something? Thanks.

right now, Ionic Beta 14 ships with Ionicons 1.5.2 :

Hi @Calendee, not the new icon fonts but ions:

LOL - Sorry about that. Misread.

I thought as much, LOL. Now that we are on the same page, I’m very interested in the ionic-ion-drawer for android.

They should be ready for use as far as I can tell, but you may want to double check with @max.

For the ionic-ion-drawer, it looks like you should be able to just drop in the CSS and JS files (, import the module (ionic.contrib.drawer), and create a “drawer” element…

Content Here

Again, may want to double check with Max who is the creator. :smile:

Thanks @andrewmcgivery you can’t be too far from the correct use going by, it’d be great to have @max show us how to use it in a multi-view layout/app, perhaps with a CodePen. Thanks

Something like this? (Note: Manually pulled in the script and CSS into the pen.


How do you solve this expose-aside-when=“large”? Because it showing a blank menu instead of the drawer. And on Android, you can’t swipe left to close. You have to use ng-click=“closeDrawer()”. I am still using the 13 version on Ionic.

Nevermind, I found the solution. But what about expose-aside-when=“large”?

Thanks @andrewmcgivery, nice try!

However, tapping anywhere outside the drawer, when it is open, should close it.

Hi, just tested the ionic-ion-drawer, thanks so much for that contribution, it’s exactly what I was looking for. The one issues I’ve found is that if the drawer is placed on the right side, you can’t open/close it by draggin, only with the buttons.

You can easily test this with the codepen that @andrewmcgivery posted above.

Does anyone know how to make the dragging work for the right side as well?

Thanks so much in advance!