The goal of ionic-team is to work with Stencil.js only?

The goal of ionic v4 is to work with Stencil.js only?
I didn’t understand if the goal is to work with all the frameworks (angular, vue, react) or with stencil only.

( i know about web components, but i am asking only about the frameworks )

Ionic Angular will work exactly as before. Nothing really changes for the users, only internally the components are built using Stencil.

Note: Ionic Angular is much more than just Components. There are the whole Ionic Native plugin, Ionic Storage, all the APIs for the components, navigation, etc.

These “new” components will also be usable in other frameworks.

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im already good in vue , bit hard to understand stencil, can i use the ionic 4 web components with vuejs by just adding script tag and ionic css, i have seen a blog that shows using ionic with vuejs here , is this way its gonna work ?

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another significant goal of v4 is reducing loading time.