Can ionic be independent framework in future?

ionic 2 apps booting time is very slow and ui performance is not good on devices when compared to ionic1 app, i have seen in some thread ionic team put blame on angular2 for being slow, but i like ionic2 because the material and ios theme is awesome, is there any way to use the ionc2 css with angular 1 or any other js framework like vuejs.
and is there any possibilty in future that ionic can be an independant(not an angular ) framework which can be used with any js libs like vuejs/react ?

Theoretically this would be possible - although it would need quite some work, of course. If you boil it down one part of Ionic are “just” some interface components with styling for 3 platforms (ios, android, windows). But of course there is a lot more functionality, that is coupled to the base framework (Angular) quite a lot.

On Twitter some of the Ionic people are talking about ideas like this, also using web components - the weekly Framework Meeting Notes also include mentions of web components for Ionic v4 (see also the v4 and v4-alpha branches on Githb) - but this is of course no official “We are going to do this” statement.

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Future Goals

As Ionic components migrate to the web component standard, a goal of ours is to have Ionic components easily work within all of the popular frameworks. :joy:

i have been very happy to read this here V4. Really waiting for this

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soon gonna we will see this. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Stecil

(which is not really what you mentioned in the first post, but a tool that enables building something like that. I heard @ionic/core floating around as a name for the framework independent collection of Ionic components…)

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Stencil and ionic v4 are diffrent ? will ionic angular continue like ionic1, ionic2, ionic3, ionic4 ?.

Yes, Stencil is “just” a compiler to build web components. It is used to build the components that Ionic Angular v4 will use, instead of them being hand coded like before.

You can also build projects with components built with Stencil directly, but that is another thing alltogether. If you want Ionic UI and workflow (Ionic Pro, native apps with Cordova), you will still use some “Ionic” version.