Integrating stencil components in ionic v4.0.6

hey !

I am trying to integrate a stencil built component :
I downloaded it from npm and I tried all the possible ways and topics but it didn’t work.

I am trying to integrate it in an angular with ionic 4.0.6 app. If anybody can give some hints on how to do this, I would be thankful.

I did try the tutorial from here : but with no use.

The build process is quite a bit different in Ionic 4 for two reasons: (1) Ionic is fully embracing the Angular CLI, and (2) Angular made several changes that break builds, from 5 to 6. (Ionic 3 uses Angular 5, Ionic 4 uses Angular 6.)

I don’t know the best practice here yet, but it probably won’t change between now and release, since the “problem” is the situation with Angular, not Ionic. What I suggest is that you post an issue on the ionic app-scripts repo, and if you get it working, please update here. If you figure it out, and post the solution, I’ll update that tutorial you linked and give you credit.

I solved that recently for my components in order to be able to include them in v4, I documented that in their readme. Have for example have a look at that one


I did that with my component, but it didn’t work.
I tried that component in the GitHub link and it still didn’t work.

you mean the one I linked? It’s my component which I use in my v4 app, so I could confirms that for me it worked out, sorry to hear it didn’t worked for you :frowning:

Well, good news then. I made it work, it was just a naming issue thanks for the help.

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Youhou awesome congrats!