Angular components + stenciljs = webcomponents in Ionic 4?

According to what I read, the (internal) ionic components will be converted to webcomponents in ionic 4 using stenciljs. This enables smaller components, faster project loading and framework agnostic tools.

What I was wondering was if ionic 4 will also use the stenciljs compiler to auto-magically convert the angular components (written for our current ionic 3 project) to webcomponents, as to decrease the bundle size. Should this not be the case, would it be recommended now (ionic 3 project) to not write any angular components any more and create our components directly using stenciljs?

Talking about ionic 4… any news on when the release is planned? A matter of days, weeks, months,…?

Don’t the html files of your Angular components use Ionic? If you follow Angular best practices and put rendering in containers and logic in providers, then you should be fine, because it will be easy to swap out any individual piece of an html page. If you’ve packed a lot of “provider stuff” into your current components, then separating everything out might be an issue.

The question you ask matters more for people thinking about importing a whole library they found on Github into an Ionic project. There might be strictly better way to render charts than Chart.js for example (not picking on them, don’t know what their plans are with web components).