The file “project.pbxproj” could not be unlocked. - XCode

XCode is causing me no end of trouble.

Mac OS High Sierra, latest XCode, latest Ionic and Cordova.

I get this annoying pop-up “The file “project.pbxproj” could not be unlocked.” despite me finding this file and giving read and write permissions.

What else can I do?

It looks like my iOS version of this app is doomed. It’s v3 of the same app. Never had this trouble before.

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Now also getting this:

'Cordova/NSData+Base64.h' file not found


Something is really wrong here.

Do you have the same problems with a new Ionic project?

I’m going to test a new one.

A new one, using Ionic 2, works fins.

Then check out the project in a new folder, delete the `platforms´ folder if it was checked in, then remove and re-add the iOS platform.

What do you mean “check out” ?

Redownload from your version control.

It’s a local project only.

Same issue here.
I have unlocked rest files, but couldn’t find this file :(.
Please help me if you anyone solve this problem.
Thank you.

only restarting my mac helped me to resolve this issue, before this I tried all other ways of giving permissions to files and all this and that