Cordova Not Working in xcode at all

I have a problem with the Cordova plugins. So I started a project and installed the plugin by “ionic plugin add (plugin name here)” normally. But when I build the project and open it in xcode I have many errors. This makes me think that something is wrong with the way I installed cordova because there are many files missing (.h files). I have tried a solution I found on xcode like pasting “(OBJROOT)/UninstalledProducts/(PLATFORM_NAME)/include” in the proper places in build settings here


but the problem stays and keeps saying that the file is missing. I have even done this in a blank new app with the cli and tested it again and it keeps saying the file is missing. I am not sure what is wrong if there is something wrong with the ionic cli because it seems to not install cordova correctly or install .
This shows that the file is missing.
Also in the classes folder in xcode the files don’t include the files either and this is exactly what ionic gave me when I was building the project.

According to the file structure here it looks like all the cordova files are missing when ionic cli built my project, im not sure though if its needed here

I would very much appreciate some guidance in solving this problem because my app is already done and my team has put many weeks into this project and I really need to solve this issue because my app requires cordova plugins such as share, image picker and geolocation. These features all work on ionic view perfectly but they don’t work when I build the project myself in xcode none of the plugins work. Thank you so much in advance.