xCode 7.3 and IONIC


I am not used to Apple Products, I am trying to develop IOS app from my IONIC project (I managed to do it succesfully on Android) - using my friend’s MAC. It is not the latest version, that’s why I installed xCode 7.3.

I saw the info in the documentation that I need xCode 10. Does it mean that I have no chance to open projext in xCode? I did everything:

  • ng build --prod
  • ionic sync ios

So I have my IOS folder, I am trying to open my project in xCode, but I have the information: “File could not be opened”.

Anyone knows if there is some way to do it with not the latest version of MAC? I thought that developing on IOS is easier - I’ve never been Apple product user and it doesn’t convince me :grin: - thanks for any help!


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