Textarea in a modal bounces up on focus

I have a strange issue I’m stuck on. I’m currently using ionic to make a windows store app (which so far has been a real delight hunting through the DOM finding all the css inheritance issues that a windows store app has to overcome).

My problem is for example, if I have a TextArea in a Modal window, when it receives focus it bounces up and in some cases it bounces up behind the header. I can’t seem to find the culprit of what may be causing it. Anyone got a direction they can point me in? I’ve been digging for hours now with no joy so any insight would be appreciated.

I can’t tell if it’s something to do with the ion-modal-view or the textarea or what, nothing obvious has popped up yet and it’s driving me nuts lol.


cwks - what version of Ionic are you running and on what platform? After updating to 1.0.1 we had a similar issue in iOS 8.4 with bouncing.

We fixed our bouncing issues with the following…

in YourIonicProject/platforms/ios/YourApp/Plugins/com.ionic.keyboard/IonicKeyboard.m make the following edits:

add #import "ReroutingUIWebview.h" at the top


- (BOOL)disableScroll {
    return _disableScroll;

at around line 50 replace that next section of code with…

- (void)setDisableScroll:(BOOL)disableScroll {
    if (disableScroll == _disableScroll) {

    ReroutingUIWebView* router = (ReroutingUIWebView*)self.webView;
    router.wkWebView.scrollView.scrollEnabled = YES;
    self.webView.scrollView.scrollEnabled = YES;

    if (disableScroll) {
        router.wkWebView.scrollView.delegate = self;
        self.webView.scrollView.delegate = self;
    else {
        router.wkWebView.scrollView.delegate = nil;
        self.webView.scrollView.delegate = nil;

    _disableScroll = disableScroll;

be sure your setting has-bouncing="false" on your <ion-content>

That did it for us on iOS.

Any solution for this bug? I cant use the solution above since I didn’t install WKwebview. I got some error on when compiliing, since ReroutingUIWebView is not in my project.

I looked for the solution on the internet, it seems no solution has been found yet.