Testing on Android

Hi. I have an app that builds fine as a Package on the Ionic site. The IPA runs fine on iOS. But when I install the APK on my Android device it fails. It seems to load the app and then clearly something breaks it as it just halts.

The app runs fine when using “ionic serve”. It also runs fine on Android through the Ionic Dev app. It’s only when I compile the APK that it has problems.

I am running Linux and don’t have Android studio installed (and I’d really rather keep it that way).

Is there any way I can get feedback about what is causing the app to fail?

Thank you!

If you have Chromium installed, you can use its Developer Tools to attach to the app and debug the running app. That will be your most powerful option. If you don’t want Chromium either, then adb logcat is probably your most barebones choice. If you don’t even have adb, then I’m not sure how you’re getting APKs onto your device.

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You’re AMAZING! Thank you so much. I can connect to the device with Chrome and can see the problem (audio file not loading properly). Now to fix it!