Testing Ionic app in browser

I used to have this app locally and used ‘ionic serve’ to test this in my browser, but now I’ve got multiple people working with me so I placed my code on our server. Now I can access my app using our testdomain.com/appname and the page get’s rendered by our linux server. Should I use this or should I still use the command line ‘ionic serve’?

For reference my code now exists here


(mobile is the linux user/folder we created)

Thank you.

You can use phone gap on mobile and all will gate the same on mobile very nice to work with it

Could you please elaborate? I’m not using phonegap, I’m using Ionic. Should I combine the two? it was my understanding that Ionic was in direct competition (sort of) with Phonegap.

you install it on pc and mobile andf then from pc running the app and can see the same on mobile http://app.phonegap.com/