Desktop browser + Mobile

Novice qustion. I am looking for both Web + Mobile version of the same application. Is that possible with Ionic?

Depends on what the app does. There are some exceptions, but in general most of the cordova plugin stuff will not work in a browser environment.

Ionic is built for that.because when you do ionic build android or ionic build ios it is made for tablets and web too.
Just some plugins are not working well, on every devices (Ionic is compatible with every browser, a tons of smartphones, a tons of tablets, but not all).


Anyways if you’re asking if Ionic technology is only on browser, I can tell you not at all we just tested my code with my brother both on Android (6 marshmallow on my phone) and Ios (my bro on latest iOS 9), works like a charm.

And I thanks Ionic developers your tech is COOL <3

Thanks for the reply. From the samples i could make out it works well accross android/ios. But didnt find one which i could open from my desktop browser and mobile at the same time. Is there a link you can help point to?

ionic serve should launch a desktop browser. If you want to host it, you should be able to just copy the contents of the www directory to a server.