Tabs in the footer: How in ionic beta14?

Hi all, I want to port a test app from beta13 to beta14. I have installed new version (beta14) and I have started a new tabs apps (ionic start XYZ tabs). But “Tabs” are now in header section and not in footer section.

I have see the online documentation but all is based on a fixed header before and after ion-content, but in my app I have different template file for different tabs (like the tabs example app).

I know that I’m lost in a stupid thing, but where is my error ?



The android tabs are on the top, IOS tabs are at the bottom. Seems like a framework change. I dont know how this can be changed, but would like to know.

I had the same question - it is a framework change in Beta 14 causing this. Basically making each devices layout closer to native.

My thread is here: Ion-tabs on TOP of the screen in Android?

@ItamarCohen provided an answer in post #2 as to where to go to make the change to move the tab bar back to the bottom. Hope it helps.

Wow. Nicely done.
Thank you @CyberFerret , @ItamarCohen.

For @ziobudda , Just tried it & it works like a charm, Made the tabs bottom for Android.


Thanks and more thanks.