Android navigation on top? Can't see other navigation

UPDATE: just read that this is a change coming to beta 14. If anyone is looking for a way to move the tabs to the bottom on Android, the defaults can be overwritten like this:


Hi! The app I’ve built has three buttons in <ion-tabs>

Before I updated ionic, these ion-tabs were shown at the bottom of the screen, but now they moved to the top of the screen. I understand that for people used to Android, the top position makes more sense (to me it doesn’t, but I’m used to iOS).

On iOS, I use a <ion-header-bar> with two buttons to create a sub-menu to filter some items. This works great on iOS and worked fine on Android as well, but since ionic now show the ion-tabs on top on Android, they area shown over the ion-header-bar and the filter menu becomes unusable/invisible on Android.

On Android, my two buttons are lost behind the ion-header-bar. I don’t think it would make sense showing them below the main navigation. I’m thinking about moving the ion-tabs back down for that reason.

Thanks for your help !

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Ran into the same issue…

Same issue with ionic RC2 version :frowning: