Beta 14 Tab went top of the screen

Without any changes, my ion-tab went top of the view, it was at the bottom in beta 13…

Any idea?

Is it on android only?

That is correct. I am on Android

Please read over the platform configuration documents.
This is an intentional design change for android, but can be configured.$ionicConfigProvider/


How is this intended to work with nested tab views? Is it possible to position one tabset along the bottom for primary navigation, and the nested tabs just below the title for secondary navigation?

I just started digging, but as far as I can tell from the docs, the $ionicConfigProvider only allows you to specify a global tab position. If the design choice is to use $ionicConfigProvider vs. css-classes to configure the behavior of the tab strip, it would be nice to have the ability to pass in an optional delegate-handle to indicate which tab strip is being configured.


// Global (default)

// Overridden for specific tabs
$ionicConfigProvider.tabs.position('bottom', 'primary');
$ionicConfigProvider.tabs.position('top', 'secondary');

Or perhaps…


hi Jeremy, how did you solve this with nested tabs?

We re-designed our navigation. We were having a bunch of issues with nested tabs, and one of the framework developers commented on a different issue, indicating that nested tabs were not supported, and he was surprised they even worked as well as they did.

Probably not the answer you were hoping for. :frowning:

We also noted in the Material Design spec that nested tabs should not be used.