[SOLVED] A bug of Beta14 (Wrong position of tab-bar)

  1. Create an tabs app: ionic start myApp tabs
  2. Build it and run it on Android

You will find that the tabs will show on top position.
*: Must run it on android while not web browser.

See the above image!

Hi man, if i am not mistaken, this is and will be the regular behaviour of tabs in beta 14 and up (in android os).

So it is actually ok, i am sure you can somehow configure them to be on bottom with a touch of css :slight_smile:

Unbelievable!In my opinion, it’s not very good! :slight_smile:
I couldn’t find this change in the change log.
Any know how to put it on bottom?

Ok, I found a solution from other threads.

$ionicConfigProvider.tabs.style('ios'); //even if you're on android
$ionicConfigProvider.tabs.position('ios'); //even if you're on android

Tell that to google


But there are a ton of platform specific changes that can be configured now.