Tabs app wont minify

I downloaded the tabs app, making no changes to the js files, and used gulp-uglify to minimize it. controllers.min.js and services.min.js ran fine. app.min.js throws a “failed to instantiate provider Error [$injector; unpr] due to unknown provider t”.
Im running ionic 1.7.8
Im experiencing this on a real app and decided to see if the tabs did the same.

This is a known issue between angularjs dependency injection and minification.
Try to use ng-annotate.

You could also look at a good build process as the one generated by generator-m-ionic

I know that it is a known issue, and that there are tools for workarounds, and a number of articles about it. But it seems specific to modules in .config or .run. I was hoping for a reason why.

Reason could be that these are the first functions to run when your app starts up.