Cant see error because is minified?


Hi there,

how can I generate a version without minify? I have a app that works on ionic serve but gives a error when i run in a android device.

But i cant see the error, because it shows me a generic message

My questions:

  1. how can I run build without minify (ps: there is no gulpfile in my project)
  2. how can i solve this error?

I made this project from scratch… using the ionic2 tutorial… so dont know what this error might be… please help!


not sure but isn’t the error “No provider for e!” the typical results of a ngc compilation which failed?

try to build it again and have a look at your console output to be 100% sure you didn’t have any compilation error

I’m maybe totally wrong, in such a case, plz accept my apologies…but I may not :wink:


You are a genius!!

I ran cordova clean and ionic run android again and it worked.

Seems that when I do ionic run android or ionic build he takes some cache from .tmp folder

Considering that i may have problems with hidden errors, a question still open : How can i ran without uglify so i can see errors on mobile?



Well you are the genius, what I said didn’t solved your problem at all :wink:

Anyway good to hear you solved it. For your question sorry don’t know how to do that, maybe by overriding some steps of the build or tweaking ionic.config.json…honestly no idea


I would modify the “” line of package.json and add “–dev” to it.