Errors during minifying

I’m going through the painful process of minifying my code and came across this error.

Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: dProvider <- d

Its coming from a side menu where I’m providing a controller inline to just the left side menu.

<ion-side-menu side="left" ng-controller="ListCtrl">

  <div class="bar bar-header bar-dark">

    <a class="button button-clear button-full title dark-head" ui-sref="home">

      Main Menu



  <ion-content class="has-header" has-bouncing="true">

    <div class="list">

      <a ng-repeat="pet in pets" class="item" ui-sref="main.detail({petsId: })" ui-sref-active="active" menu-toggle="left">






And the controller is a modified version of the seed app’s controller

.controller('IndexCtrl', [ 'PetService', '$scope',function (PetService, $scope) {
    // 'Pets' is a service returning mock data (services.js)
    'use strict';
    $scope.pets = PetService.all();


And this controller is being used by two views, one as a list to display the items, and the second is the side menu described above. Is my code properly annotated somehow? Any ideas on why I’m getting this error?

This is an old bug in ui-router 0.2.7. ui-sref-active is making this.
See this conversation:

Until that pull request is accepted, you can solve this by
a. update to latest ui-router (recommended…)
b. don’t use ui-sref-active. Use another way, for example, ng-class="{active:$state.includes('schedule')}"