T!ckets App: Developer Experience + iOS/Android Approval in three days

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The RateYourSeats.com team is happy to introduce T!ckets: The best way to search, compare and buy tickets - on your phone!

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Within ten weeks we went from having zero app development knowledge to submitting our Ionic app to the App Store and Google Play. Three days later the app was live on both app marketplaces.

We want to say thank you to the Ionic Community for their commitment to supporting developers. These forums were an invaluable resource during our development.

Our Experience

As a token of our appreciation, we summarized our experience in a three part series on our website.

Developer Experience: Building the T!ckets App with Ionic and AngularJS

This is a lengthy summary that discusses the following topics:

  • Hybrid vs. Native
  • Choosing Ionic
  • Horizontal Cards (angular-swiper)
  • List Scrolling Performance
  • Animations and Transitions Performance
  • Profiling Digests and Bindings
  • Ionic Gestures
  • Layered Touches
  • Custom Browsers (ngInAppBrowser/themeablebrowser)

The post is written from the perspective of a novice developer who has little-to-no experience with Ionic. It is not a starter guide, rather it is a discussion of the practical challenges we faced in the midst of our development after diving in head-first. We are hopeful that the discussions will help other developers overcome common hurdles faced when developing with Ionic.

Thank you again for all of your support!

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