Data backup facility approach

Hi All,

I have a number of personal projects on the go and each of them uses a sqlite database to manage user data. It has long been a plan of mine to allow a backup facility, either the whole sqlite database, or by running a script against the database, and then dumping the contents into a file to be backed up.

I don’t really want to go down the route of having to upload the backup to a web location (although I’m not ruling this out).

My question to the community is : What are the common approaches used using Ionic that people have used, and found successful?

My initial thoughts were to use ngCordova to push the a backup file onto the sd card for the user do then have to do something with, but that doesn’t seem slick enough to me, I have seen iCloud backups mentioned, but this would mean one solution for apple and one for android. I’ve done a little research, but the more I do the more questions I find.

Dare I ask if there are any emerging standards on this topic?

I’m more than happy to do the leg work for implementation, but if anyone out there has any suggestions of what has helped them it would be greatly appreciated.

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That might be difficult for iDevices and some Android devices without additional hardware.

What about syncing to iTunes? Android doesn’t have a standard synchronization system because it’s designed to function in a standalone fashion; but it does export a filesystem, with or without a real SD card, via MTP/PTP over USB. If you like iCloud but prefer cross-platform compatibility, perhaps Dropbox or Google Drive would do the trick. I do think users would appreciate having a choice, though, if this is a major part of your app.


Thanks for the reply - looks like I have some choices to make. May still go down the submission to a webserver to do the hard work for me. Thanks for the reply though.