Storage and sync data for my app

Hey guys,

I am new in developing an Ionic app! I’ve already thought about a lot of things for my new app but I despair with storage and syncing data for my app.

I will develop an app for my favorite sports team. This should have the following functionalities:

  • Ionic view with team schedule
    data structure **: game no; date; time; home team; away team; result;
  • Ionic view with: team roster
    data structure **: no; player name; day of birth; position; image
  • Ionic view with: Standings
    data structure **: rank; team name; games played; game win; game lost;

** I will get all these information/data as json-files automatically from league organization on my web server.

Now I don’t know what to do with these files - is it better to store it in a database? And how can I sync it with my app? One think what I don’t understand at all how to handle all these data?

Is there a service which I can use for syncing my data? The data don’t have to be synchronized regularly, only when the data (for example the team schedule) changes.

Also it would be great to store it local in the app, so the app will work when the user is offline or the network coverage is bad. And next time, when the user is on wifi or mobile network, the app automatically sync the newest data.

I hope you understand my problems… It would be great when you give me some helpful ideas.

Thanks Sven

Look into Ionic Storage: This could be a simple backend for storing the data. Sync and everything else would have to be done manually - but just downloading a few JSON files from a server every few weeks doesn’t seem too complicated. Especially as nothing has to be synced back.