Multi-file transfer and sync

I am using Ionic 3 and have some recordings on an application that need to be either downloaded or synced with something like Dropbox. Here are my integration questions: Whats the best way to do file transfer (through something like iTunes on iOS) where you can upload / download files? How is the best way to sync files with Dropbox?


Well I dont know if I get it what you mean, but if so I would do it like this:

  1. Get and Server like Linux or Windows with SQL or if you want to be Realtime go for Firebase.
  2. Be sure your Server have enough space for the files. (Firebase has a Database where you pay as you go)
  3. Plugin would be the Cordova File Transfer (With this Plugin you can store files in Dropox Folder on iOS and Android.

Workflow would be that in your Firebase (or other Database) you store the Information about a File you uploaded. In Example a Music File. You save the link to the file on your server, the version of the file, upload Date and so on.
Then if the File gets updatet, deleted or moved you can make a trigger function (Firebase Functions can handle that perfect, with SQL you have to make it on you own). This function Updates the Information where the file is located on the server and pushes the information to the Native App. This Native App then updates the new file, delete it or move it on your device (maybe to a Dropbox Folder, in that case the Dropbox then would do the rest).

Links to Firebase:

Firebase Console:
And Firebase Cloud Functions:

Thats great thanks for sharing. How about showing files in the iTunes dialog box (when trying to physically transfer files to your computer)? Is there a way to show the files on the phone that we’re storing in the cordova persistent file path?