Swiping left/right to open a sidemenu, but content still swipes up/down

Hey guys! When I’m swiping left/right to open a sidemenu, the main content still swipes up and down. This makes the user experience less than ideal, since native apps will stop swiping up/down when the user is swiping left/right.

I think is a bug in beta 14 since in beta 13 it works correctly

Beta 13

Beta 14

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Please search the forum before posting new stuff: Scroll on the main content while opening the side menu

I actually have searched, but haven’t used the right words. Sorry for that.

It’s ok, it’s kinda weird to explain the issue anyway. I hope the solution I posted worked for you as well.

I’ll try that tonight! Thanks!

Hey guys,

yeah this is an issue we are aware about.
Hoping to get this one fixed ASAP

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