Ion side menu and ion side content

hey there,

i have a question regarding the ion-side-menus.
when the side menu is open in can see partly the main content either left or right depending on which side menu.
when i click the main content in the open side menu state i only want to close the side menu but actually it happens that if there is a link i get redirected to the page the link refers. so what i want is that either the user cannot click on the main content area or if he/she can click that only the side menu closes without a redirect to the page where the link refers to. does anyone has to deal with the a similar issue? would be very helpful


Got an issue for that right now :smile:

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ohhh that sounds great. :slight_smile: so i will wait till it is included in one of the next betas.

thank you very much

Has this issue been solved yet ?