Beta 14 - Swipe menu not working

In beta 14 swipe menu only works initial page. When you change page swipe menu not works. How can i fix that?

Do you mean like this?

This is done on purpose by default.
If you look at how native iOS app behave this is how side-menu’s behave by default.
Plus it allows for some tricks in the future… cough swipe to go back cough

Though like everything else is beta14, this is optional and can configured.

Determines whether the side menu is enabled when the back button is showing. When set to false, any menuToggle will be hidden, and the user cannot swipe to open the menu. When going back to the root page of the side menu (the page without a back button visible), then any menuToggle buttons will show again, and menus will be enabled again.

Maybe related issue

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Thank you. That’s what I need :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m building my app and have a problem. My page looks like this code pen version. But when I click on item and go to other page and go back after I cannot swiping. If I choose item from side menu and go back it is okay.

Here is my code

Thank you for your time.