Swipe cards with scroll

I have a list of cards with a vertical scroll. (im using native scroll overflow-scroll="true")
When a add on-swipe-left='foo()', rarely it is triggered…
How should i proceed to make it work?

Thank you!

ps.: It work just fine on the browser, but not on my android phone

What version of ionic are you using? I remember there being some issue with the gesture directives a few versions ago. Also can you put a codepen together? I can test things out on my android phone as well.

Check it out:


Im using beta.10

Hmm, upgrading to beta 10 and adding data-tap-disable seems to make things work fine.

same issue…
It work once every 6 - 10 times I try…

Hmm, are you using beta 10?

What type of android device and android os?

Galaxy S4 (SAMSUNG-SGH-I337)
Android 4.4.2

And I just tested on my tablet, and it worked:
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Android 4.1.2

Hmm, alright. Can you connect your device to your computer and do some remote debugging with chrome? There could be some errors coming though on the device and can be effecting the swipe gestures

Galaxy s3
Android 4.3
working perfect too…

It work once every 6 - 10 times, like i said before… and the console is clean :S

Samsung Duos (GT-i9082L)
Android 4.2.2

Perfect too…

Do you think it have anything to do with the Chrome version?
All of then have chrome as default browser, the only one running the latest version is the one with the issue

just upgraded one of the devices to the latest Chrome version, didn’t fix the problem …

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
android 4.4.2

Same bug…

Hey @migueltarga, so I went and tested on 4.4.2 device and it worked fine for me. Are testing only on samsung devices? I know samsung does some odd stuff with touch events. Can you test on something not a samsung device?

@mhartington I have 6 samsung devices lol… and one old HTC Amaze 4G running Android 4.0.3.
I tested, and I had the same problem, but I noticed that when I simulate a bug that freezes the scroll, the gestures start to work, weird…

the problem was the overflow-scroll="true" on latest android version,
after the last ionic update, ion-scroll is much smoother, so I went back and everything work now!