Swipe-Cards breaks on version

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'ViewController' of undefined 

The error arises from this line in swipecards.js

var SwipeableCardController = ionic.controllers.ViewController.inherit
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They made a breaking change in beta 12. You can fix it by changing ionic.swipecard.js (line 81)

var SwipeableCardController = ionic.controllers.ViewController.inherit


var SwipeableCardView = ionic.views.View.inherit

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Thanks, buddy. No error message anymore!

Line 26 in ionic.swipecards.js has to be changed as well.

I updated the swipecard code on githup and the cdn so it should all be fixed now.


Hi @mhartington

I have a problem with your swipe card. When I run it on debug mode is running okay. You can see the picture:

After that I tries gulp build I have an know error Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: tProvider <- t and don’t know how to debug or fix that. You can see picture for detail:

I try your tidy card everything alright. Can you help me solve that problem.


Would you be able to recreate the issue in a codepen?

Thanks @mhartington I’ve solved that problems, that problems come from inline array annotation when minify so it’s easy to fix.