Error Swipe Cards

Hi guys!,

I’m relative new to Ionic Framewok :slight_smile:

Well i have a big big problem with swipe cards, u see my problem begins when i wanna implement this in my project.Will explain it now:

First: When i go to “” all works fine,so i decide to implement this in my app, i thought would be nice, but nothing about that :frowning:

I was unable to do it becouse it always break, break and break… so i decide to download the project from github and what a surprise … all works okey … so i don’t know why in Github works all good and in ( when u use “ionic start Myapp” ) u obtain this result:

Can someone tell me how to implement this in my app pls? I have ionic last version, all updated and i can’t make this works :’(

Ty in advance

Hi @Cris, thanks for the message. Do you have some code you can share with us? Maybe @mhartington can take a peak and see what’s going on…

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At the moment I stop my project becouse of this issue, becouse i really love this Swipe Card feature. I just want to know why in codepen works ( i mean inside web ) and when u download it from there it doesn’t work, and in github works fine; it’s so weird :frowning:

I guess is becouse of beta realise? Maybe i have to downgrade to use this feature, but will take too much time to do it all again. in Codepen is on beta 11 and i have last version.

Have u any idea what about this issue? By the way will try to upload my code, in that way may someone can help me :slight_smile:

Its nice that you test you scripts on the browser.
Maybe you can try to open the app with chrome and "right click-> inspect element -> Console tab" and show us what errors gives to you. Probably is a dependency not injected or something like that.

Hey there!

So the demo on codepen

Uses beta 11, but in beta 12, ionic.ViewController was removed.
This is a known thing, and the swipe-card code just needs to be updated.

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I always look that dear, and u are wright there is some errors , and right now with your help and @mhartington i have and idea to see if is my bad or swipe cards need to be updated.

Yes u are right, i see in chrome that this was the problem, without your help and @bonda who give me a good advice i realise an experiment.

I replace lib folder in my project and Voalla! Cards works fine, but… many things are broken, so i’m not sure what i’m going to do now :confused:

Que otros errores te aparecen?

Los otros errores los solucioné, eran fallos sin importancia como el css , gracias por tu ayuda :), pero el mayor fallo es no poder usar los swipe cards aun :confused:

wow ionic really is international now - great to see - better brush up on my spanish


You can fix the problem. Check this post Swipe-Cards breaks on version


Will try fix it , ty :slight_smile:

Thanks! Got to love breaking changes.