Suggestion: Pinned topic for common building Problems and Solutions

Nearly every time I check the new topics on this forum I see someone with a building, npm, add platform or a simmelar problem. I think it comes mostly from new User that don’t search first for a solution on their own, don’t read the error Message or provide us with literally no error message or not enough information to find a solution.

I have 3 ideas how we can help these people quicker and get less of these common error topics:

  1. Make a guide with the common problems and solving approaches for them and when it don’t solves the error there should be a reminder for the user on how to include the required information to help them. (like ionic info) [easy]
  2. The first idea[easy] in steps with questions and the solution as “hide details” like that:

Does your problem appear after an update?

Which kind of update

ionic cli update

reinstalling your node modules can help:
try removing your node_modules folder and do npm i.

node version upgrade

Ionic might not work on the newest versions of node, please use the LTS release instead.

android studio

(The cordova problem with the new gradle)

Do you have problems adding the android platform?

Do you have problems adding the iOS platform?

  1. Third idea[rather difficult - requires custom discourse plugin or seperate webapp]: make an assistant that askes this questions. the assistant could pop up on a seperate button called like New & having a problem? (I’m not good at naming things)
    If the problem is not solved via the questions the user gets a dialog that tell them what to include in there topic.

I’m looking forward to hear your feedback, citism and own additions for this idea.

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I’m certainly not opposed to something like this, but it’s unfortunately predicated on users reading it beforehand. I’d put dollars to donuts that the users who don’t search beforehand won’t read the guide.

I’d have to think about the third idea. I can’t help but think of Clippy when I hear it.

Unfortunately the “worst” topics are also from people that probably wouldn’t read anything :confused: