Ionic Chat?

Hey, so i’ve been busy with ionic for a while now and sometimes I just feel like it would be so usefull to share info and conversate with other users without needing to create a topic about it.
I’ve had like a million things I would like to ask but I already got the feeling that i’m spamming the forum with faqs. i’d like to conversate and share ideas for possible solutions regarding performance,bad practice, small bugs just general ionic info to help myself and others make the best of it.

I had all kind of small bugs which fortunately I was able to solve myself. And I could imagine that some people could waste half a day on something simple. it’s good to develop yourself and think global it helps your skills. but sometimes the bugs are just some feature you didn’t know about and alot of people did know. you could ask something and be helped in an instant.

Could be that it’s me alone who would like this idea but I thought i’d share the idea with you cause that’s what i’m aiming at.

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Hey ther @sjerd!

Come one to IRC, it’s pretty active over there and it provides a great place to chat about ionic and get some tips without creating a new forum post.

The ionic team and many other devs ( about 70 right now) are frequently on and it’s the perfect setting for what what you are asking for.


Check this template in the market! :smiley: