Forum / GitHub Issues Protocol


I find myself wondering where I should discuss issues with Ionic. I kind of worry about littering the GitHub issues list; so, I tend to post here first. I feel like others can validate the problem before adding to GitHub.

How does Drifty want us to deal with this? I know the Contribute page says open issues but would you like some community discussion first? Or should the forum just be for devs helping each other out?

CheckBox Doesn't Persist in iOS

Do you want us to open issues or post them here and let y’all decide if an issue should be opened? I think MOST Ionic users will gravitate here; so, I kind of feel everything should be posted here as a source for other users to search and see discussion. However, I’m not sure what y’all want.

Do y’all want us to open issues and post here? Just open issues? Just post here?


I like having the discussion on the forum first to “try” to keep the the issue count to a minimum. If it’s a legit issue and there’s no question about it, then yes, creating the issue right in github saves everyone time. But if you’re not sure if its a bug, or have questions if it is a bug or not, then I think the forum is a better place for that.

Hope that helps answer it. Thanks.