Plunkr for posting/helping with "my code doesn't work"

During v1 days of ionic, a lot of people would post “codepen” examples of what doesn’t work and solutions to make them work. Doing codepens (or JSFiddles / Plunkrs) is a great idea because it does two things:

  1. Encourages posters to ‘try before they ask’ and ‘show what they’ve tried’, so the forum is not inundated with very basic questions that could be solved in as much time as it took to post the lengthy question
  2. Helps problem solvers who want to help to converge quickly and see/fix the problem the poster is facing without having to set up a new project

I wonder why that practice has reduced? Is there some other service available today that people use (or something in Ionic2+ that makes it harder?)

I found a plunkr template for Ionic v2+ apps - can the moderator consider posting a sticky somewhere to encourage posters to try their hand at demonstrable code using one of these tools whilst asking questions (if applicable) - it can at least help with non-cordova problem solving.

This is what I am using: (I am not the author of this template)

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Sounds like a good idea, if it’s doable.

Main reason is that the questions here changed from “How do I do x in Ionic” to 90% “My build is broken” or “How do I install this plugin”. There is not that much discussion about actual Ionic components code any more, so no plunkrs, codepens or necessary any more.

I like stackblitz - looks nice plus it has an export feature! (much slower though than others)