Guideline 4.2.6 - Design - Minimum Functionality

hi i have the same reject and i show my website content in my app
what should i do to tell apple i want to show my website in my app
thanks in advance

“show website content in my app” is not a thing Apple will let inside the App Store - people can just visit your website then.

thanks for replay Sujan12
is not completely the website
is part of my website

i need show it on my app

Same thing. An app has to have additional functionality and be obviously better than a simple website, have additional features or anything that really requires an app. Anything else Apple can - and sometimes will - decline.

what can i do to approve my app ??
and my app content <iframe src=website>
it’s mandatory to show is

Mine got rejected too and it does not show any website in an iframe. I think they don’t allow any web based apps anymore.

no that’s not correct, such statement are hoax