Style issue Windows 10 Universal

Hello, I developped my ionic1/angularJS app and I tried it on chrome and android.
Everithing was okay, but now I need to build a Windows app.
So I downloaded Windows 10 SDK + Emulator + VS2015Pro.
But when I run my emulator, I have a lot of css issue, don’t know why …

Some screenshot to illustrate you : (comparaison between android and W10)

Here you can see a background-image issue (css)

Here you can see the password in W10 version :
code : <input ng-model="form.password" type="number" style="-webkit-text-security:disc;">
Background image issue

Here you can see button issue (some errors in css class ? or I don’t know)
As you can see in other view, buttons works properly ! I have an idea to resolve it, I will see that tomorow.

Here the nav subHeader do not work properly (css class not applied), the code is executed (I can see that with the debugger) but the class isn’t applied.
also background issue

Just, the background image is applied by a factory (so it’s the same code for ALL view), so I’m realy confused.
I don’t know why I have all these problems, seem to be related to CSS, but I don’t realy know… (and I have other bug but I will not post 10 screenshots ^^)

How I can debug that ?
Thank you.