Ionic On Windows Phone? Nothing But Issues

Icons: All I’m able to get are rectangles.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Base64 url font sources in css.
  • Removed the ?v=1,.5.2 from the tiff url.
  • Replaced css file with cdn. Replaced font files with ionicons cdn, and then the cdn for each font file.

Fullscreen: Cannot get rid of white space above and below screen, and cannot get scrolling to work properly.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • In MainPage.xaml, set SystemTray.IsVisible to False.
  • In config.xml, set fullscreen and disallowOverscroll to true, and webviewbounce, UiWebViewBounce to false.
  • Set DisableBouncyScrolling to true in MainPage.xaml.cs.

What else is there to try?

Never developed for Windows Phone but I did see this response in a similar thread.

1) fonts and icons may have issue displaying if loading the css from local file...
resolution: Use the public CDN, this will fix the issue for the icons showing a box

2) app not fitting to screen properly
resolution : in the mainpage.xaml.. set show system tray to false i.e. ask the OS to run the app in full screen mode. this will remove the issue of black/white border on top or bottom of the screen

3) ng-click event fire twice:i got this issue occasionally... not every time.. this is because ionic is based on webkit browser and IE11 is not fully compatible..
work around set a local variable to count the number of click and perform the action on odd click. this is not full proof, but reduces the even fire to one or none....

Theres a lot of thing for windows phone that don’t work at the moment, mostly because the webview isn’t the greatest.
Hence why we don’t support it at the moment.