Some styles Not working in Ionic

Hi I created app , and its working fine in browser and emulator but when coming to live device and its throwing some design issues , like some of the header background-images not loading properly,

i used a ng-repeat directive for displaying videos in my app , for every video i have designed a header bar with title of the video and background image , but on the live device some videos having header background_imgs for some videos the background images are not loading ,

I am not getting the issue here ,

NOTE : i am using ionic 1 not ionic 2

Are jou setting the images from your CSS or are you loading them with the video from an url or something inside your template?

Most of the times relative/absolute paths set from css i.e. using ./path/to/image or …/path/to/image or /path/to/image give these kind of issues. Not all browsers resolve these paths in the same way.

If you set the url of an image from within your HTML through bindings, it could be a untrusted url issue as well.

Hi @luukschoen

I am setting these in external css only.

data-bind also didn’t work for me

Do you see any console errors for e.g resource not found


No, i didn’t get any console errors

Did you debug it on the device itself?