Strange behaviour and state transitions since beta.12


Hey, So i just updated to the new Krypton Koala release and am experiencing some very strange things, When i render my listview and click on a link, i get redirected too the wrong tab, then i stay on that tab for about 2 secs, then i get redirected to the correct tab for a sec, till i get redirected to the list view I came from. The navigation worked in indium iguana. I think it has something to do with the rerendering after the scroll view size changed, maybe the template caching? i’m gonna run some test and share results. Someone experciencing simular behaviour?

Disabled the template caching, bug still exists.

Tested backup of beta.11 and bug wasn’t there

Commented out $ionicScroll controller in ionic.bundle.js redirects still happen.

Found this issue on the github, seems it has to do with navigating to a view outside of the tabs.


Yeah. I confirm this too. My app was working fine until I updated my ionic lib. I keep getting wierd errors that f is undefined or null or something like that. Most of the times, a view renders blank with black background. I am forced to revert to the older lib for now, till things get properly ironed out.

But they need us to test fully before releasing as a stable version.


The Ionic guys put out a new nightly that fixed my problems. Might fix yours too?