[Solved] Tab navigation broken after updating to Beta 12


after updating to beta 12 i get the following exception “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘run’ of null” the
source seams to be line 39362 in ionic.bundle.js beacuse the scrollView is null:

  $timeout(function() {

In my application i have different tabs and detail pages but the detail pages have no tab navigation.
To achieve this i have a named root ion-nav-view as “content” and states like this:

.state('tab', {
            url: "/tab",
            abstract: true,
            views: {
                'content': {
                    templateUrl: "templates/tabs.html"

        .state('tab.dash', {
            url: '/dash',
            views: {
                'tab-dash': {
                    templateUrl: 'templates/tab-dash.html',
                    controller: 'DashCtrl'

        .state('content', {
            url: '/content',
            views: {
                'content': {
                    templateUrl: 'templates/content.html'

The error is simply reproducible with the ionic starter app, and i created the following simple codepen.
When you click on the content link the content view is not shown because of the error.

Interesting is that the error only occurs when there is more than one tab.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, I am also observing this issue. In addition, I use the following code to reload the current state:

$state.go($state.current, null, { reload: true });

With ionic 1.0.0-beta.11, it works fine. However after updating to beta 12, it stops working and the app goes to other state. Any help will be appreciated.

I created also a bug report on GIT, this report was closed because it was a duplicate of

I have updarted the codepen and it works with the nightly version.

Great, thanks. It is also working for me in the nightly version (tested with: v1.0.0-beta.12-nightly-452)

Would it be some update beta.12 for this issue, or should I took nightly build? Can I upgrade somehow nightly build from console line?


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To change to the nightly version you can simply update your bower.json:

“ionic” : “driftyco/ionic-bower#master”

and the execute “bower update” in the same folder.

Great thanks a lot…

I’m getting the same error, even after switching to "driftyco/ionic-bower#master" (currently ionic#f62d2b0ce2)

This occurs when I do a ui-sref state change using tabs. The LAST tab on the right seems to work fine, but the others throw an exception. This is true even when I change the order of the tabs, or use the same controller&views for both tabs.

Nevermind. I forgot to do an ionic lib update