Stencil and future version of ionic

I am wondering what is the future with stencil in ionic. I might be on the wrong side of history but i do not like developing in .tsx, there are various reasons , maybe unreasonable but it is the primary reason why i picked angular over react.

I recently checked out the ionic PWA toolkit and saw that is was very ‘reacty’ in that is takes the .jsx approach which i guess is the new ionic stencil stuff. I am wondering if this is what it will be going forward? Will the next release of ionic be stencil completely or will we have an option to develop like before in a more ‘angular’ way?


No, you don’t have to use Stencil or JSX/TSX syntax - you will be able to keep building Ionic/Angular applications as normal in the next release.

The main difference is that Stencil is being used to build the web components that ionic-angular will use, but you don’t need to know anything about this. The syntax you use will more or less be the same as it always has.

I go into a lot of detailing explaining this in a recent article if you want to check it out: