Ionic 4 with React and stencil

I didn’t understand a few things, can anybody help clear out my doubts?

  1. does ionic 4 include stencil ? it seems to me that stencil is a separate project
  2. ionic native seems usable from react and outside of angular; is it the same for @ionic/angular package?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Stencil was used to build the Ionic Components. It is a separate project, and should probably never be need by anyone other that component library builders.

Ionic Native are wrappers to Cordova Plugins. So, if you can use Cordova, and write in ES2015, you should be able to use them. I have no done so…

not sure about the first statement. this is taken directly from the stenciljs website

" Stencil is a simple compiler for generating Web Components and progressive web apps (PWA)"

Thanks for you answer :slight_smile:

  1. ok, but Stencil website seems to have a different doc for creating PWA - so its no clean to me how will evolve Ionic 4; i mean, if Stencil si the future i can jump on it right now and start designing my own components instead of wasting time with Angular 6 :slight_smile:
  2. I already know about Ionic Native, my question was about the @ionic/angular package - if you say it has been created with stencil i wonder if its usable in other javascript librariers