Right way to create a website (stencil vs ionic)


I wasted a lot of time to find some stack to building websites, tried react/nextjs, vue/nuxtjs + several UI libs for each. Also, svelte is tried, but there is some problems(mostly with typescript).

I just found the stencil and it looks like I searching for! Thank you!

But I confused with positioning of it…

If I want to use ionic too, what is better to create a new website: npm init stencil or @ionic/cli?
While ionic written using stencil, why there is no option to use stencil as well as react/angular in ionic start?

Also, there is @stencil/store, which hints it is possible to use stencil without redux/etc. Will stencil grow to standalone framework or so? Is there plans for something like nextjs/nuxtjs?

Thank you!