Ionic vs PWA Toolkit

Hello guys!

I recently came upon the new StencilJS Library and the new PWA Toolkit.
Right now Im really having some issues wrapping my head around the standard concept of building Apps with Ionic and the new Stencil PWA alternative.

So what I understand is that Ionic is mainly built for developing HTML, CSS, JS based Apps and convert them to nearly nativ platforms. The PWA Toolkit on the other hand is built for simply creating Webapps.
But then there is also the possibility to turn your Ionic Project into a PWA.

Im really having problems to decide what path I should take with my next project and can’t really figure out the real differences of the concepts and use cases.

I’d hope you could give me some insight and maybe criterias for what kind of project I should use which specific product. I think this would help out no just me.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

The Ionic PWA Toolkit is a starter project to create an app with Ionic (v4) and Stencil. However the name might be confusing, because both Ionic/Stencil apps and “regular” Ionic/Angular apps can be deployed as a PWA or packaged with Cordova/Capacitor and run as a native app.

Therefore the main decision you have to make when you start a new project is if you want to use Angular (or another framework with Ionic v4) or whether you only want to use Ionic with Stencil.

This blog post might help you make this decision:

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