Ionic2 beta.12 release?

Angular2 rc.6 was just released a couple days ago. I’m desperately awaiting the next release because I need arraybuffer/blob support in Http module (which the current Ionic/Angular version doesn’t implement). Any updates for the community of when we can expect the next release?


You can follow the release here :
But, update to latest Angular2 for next version of Ionic, i don’t think so.

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Thanks for the info. Looks like I’ll need to hack in my own solution until you guys update Angular.

Appears that next version of ionic (beta 12) will be updated to Angular 2.0 final.
And it should be here any time according to this post:

Yah, I noticed that. Right now I’ve hacked in my own solution by editing the angular node_modules files, but if they could release the next version with Angular 2 support, it would be early Christmas for me!