Status of Ionic 2 beta 12

I think a lot of us are anxious because now that angular 2.0 is official our supporting libraries are making it a dependency and leaves us stuck not being to update because of the current ionic beta RC dependency.

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@ankushagg93 Wow! Seriously? Delaying.

A delay happens when a deadline is set… there is no deadline, how about you try appreciate what the ionic team (@mhartington) is doing!

If you really need to convince your manager let him have a look at ionic enterprise where they will fix your issue for you or fix it yourself. Just remember ionic is open source, free to use, instead of acting like they owe you an update try appreciating that they gave you the opportunity to build an app for free!! They are doing their best to build the best product and it’s just great how they won’t settle for less.


@fishgrind Obviously nobody owes me anything. I’m just another programmer who loves Ionic and definitely appreciate the humble and amazing Ionic team. I’m seeing them answering questions on ionicforum, github, slack…pushing commits day and night so I definitely appreciate their effort to open source.

So many blogs and tweets appreciating the huge performance improvement and beta 12 being the last beta release made me very excited. Delaying is just a word that came out of my mind but I was just wondering what’s going on, any major issue or something? Again nobody owes me that information also.

But I’m glad @mhartington took time and replied with the current status.

Finally, I apologize Ionic team and community for my rude comment that just came out of my excitement. Thanks again for your amazing work.


Let’s all be civil here :smile:

We understand that people are getting anxious. We appologize for that.


Is there a way to find out what version of Angular 2 beta 12 will using?

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in the package.json and you will see the ionic-angular’s version,if you want to see what version of angular2,see the @angualr/xxx version…

ok…I misunderstand what you mean, it’s here…

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Does beta 12 use webpack?

Beta 11 announcement in the blog was stating the following:

Build Process Improvements
Beta 12 will debut the new Ionic 2 build process, which will utilize a technique called “tree shaking.” Tree shaking is used to shrink the build output to include only the JavaScript and CSS of the components being used. To utilize tree shaking, we’re migrating from Browserify to Webpack 2. This will result in significantly faster build times and dramatically reduced bundle sizes. The new build will also include TypeScript 2.0 and the use of npm to manage type definitions.

Plus @brandyshea said before:

There have been several changes to the build process…

So I guess we can expect a webpack build in beta 12.


It’s great to see that Ionic 2.0.0-rc.0 is out :scream: :tada: What’s going to happen with beta 12, it’s still listed in milestones

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Whooaa, but its not on the release channel yet.

But both


seem to already be there.
Testing it out right now seeing how it works.

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Found this on Twitter

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There won’t be any beta 12 and all expected changes of beta 12 are in rc0. All remaining issues of beta 12 have been moved to rc1 milestone They will update the rc0 changelog and release it officially later today. See this comment for details

[UPDATE] Few useful links

Ionic 2 rc0 blog
Ionic 2 rc0 updated changelog

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What about the documentation? Is it ready for V2?

Yes documentation is also updated

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:heart_eyes::kissing_heart::heart: Ionic Team! :)))

What is the difference between 2.0.0-rc.0 and ionic2 beta 12

Existence :laughing: there is no beta 12, Ionic team surprised us with rc0 directly after beta 11.

Wow! cool, so have you tried it? Have most of the errors been fixed?