Static website with IONIC (?)

I’m sorry about how basic my question might be. I started with Ionic but I actually partnered with someone who is doing all the programming work and legwork.

We are at the point now where the application that will work on tablets and phones is almost ready. But some of that functionality will integrate with a website. The website will have 5-6 static pages and 2 sections where they will integrate with the mobile apps. The question is what you recommend:

  1. Creating a full website in Ionic/Firebase so the 2 sections that will share features are easily integrated, but 5-6 static pages built in Ionic as well?
  2. Build the website in some other platform (ideally a CMS like WordPress) and just share the 2 sections where they will integrate with Ionic. (How would we do that…because the Ionic developer says all he can do is give me a link. Then the websites and Apps would be in separate servers…I guess that’s ok, but is that the recommended way?)
  3. Other integration?

I’m sorry for this basic question which is not really purely IONIC!

Thank you very much for your help!!

Option 1. Ionic is designed to create Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which are websites that can also run locally on mobile devices, so it could also be used to create your website. You could create an Ionic based content management system (CMS) as well, so you can add and edit content as you wish without changing the Ionic code all the time.

Option 2. Wordpress has a JSON API so your Ionic App can access pretty much everything from a Wordpress site. Your Ionic App would need to access the content from your Wordpress site using this API.

Either option is possible, both require some work, it is difficult to know which option is best without more details. An Ionic website won’t have good Search Engine Optimization and I don’t particularly like Wordpress, so I can’t say which option is best for you.

Thank you very much for your quick answer!!

I have a meeting with the developer today and I will bring this up. There are many details but I wanted to see the basics from the community. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Have a great weekend!